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ignite embers | prevent wildfires | light bonfires



"For though at times the flame may cease to shine, the ember will never expire." (Thomas Paine)

Are you curious to find out your true inner gifts/talents?

Would you like to integrate your need for continuous intellectual stimulation and hunger for learning into your career in a sustainable way?

Do internal and/or external blockages seem to limit your development?

Do you want to find the strength to chart your own course, based on your own inner compass – even if it deviates from conventional norms? And do you want to find the inner strength to remain steadfast in the face of resistance?

Do you feel like you have more in you, bursting with ideas and concepts, but you find yourself stuck somewhere?

Would you like to find a healthy balance between your need for mental challenge and your need for mental peace?"

Do you have difficulty communicating with people who are not on the same wavelength?

Then career coaching might be something for you. Please feel free to reach out to schedule an (non-committal) introductory meeting.


"You have plenty of embers inside you; you only need to ignite them."

The right person in the right place is of the utmost importance. Awareness and introspection are essential: knowing who you are, what you want, what you can do and living life accordingly. With one foot in business and the other in the human psyche, I am happy to guide you towards:


  • feeling more connected with yourself;

  • creating clarity related to your personality and your value drivers;

  • following your own course steadfastly;

  • discovering your talents and unique gifts;

  • learning to recognize and eliminate obstacles in your path;

  • translating all this into a action plan for your career.

In short, my ambition is to help you discover your added value. I want to help you take your professional and personal development into your own hands.



"I will help you breathe fresh air into your smoldering embers; I will provide support so you can rekindle your embers into a warm campfire."

I am a warm, empathetic and curious woman with a heart for coaching and psycho-education. I work growth-oriented during my tailored sessions, using positive psychology. My toolkit includes a strong dose of confidence in the inner strength of every person, a sharp-witted mind, some serious moxie, and the necessary courage to confront my coachees when needed. You can find more information about my approach here .

I am now primarily curious about your story and would like to discuss your career questions with you. So be sure to reach out for a (non-committal) introduction.

Would you like to start immediately? Or are you still in doubt? Do you prefer to personally feel whether there can be trust and psychological safety?

I gladly make time for an introductory meeting. During this half hour we will discuss your career questions and I will give you more information about my approach. Of course I will be happy to answer your practical questions.


+32 495 82 01 31


Hagelandstraat 60
3545 Loksbergen (Halen)


Home practice
Hagelandstraat 60
3545 Loksbergen (Halen)

General Practice Loksbergen
Kauwplasstraat 5
3545 Loksbergen (Halen)

InVia Career Center
Graanmarkt 5
3290 Diest

Online via Ms Teams or Google Meet

Career vouchers

I work as a career coach at InVia , mandated by the Flemish Government as a certified career center. This may allow you to use career vouchers or 'loopbaancheques'. View the VDAB website for all terms & conditions (e.g. Dutch language) and to order your vouchers.

Even without career vouchers, you can contact me for career coaching. Simply reach out to discuss the possibilities.

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