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I guide you in your search for your embers (inspiration, talents, mission, identity) and free you from fire-extinguishing obstacles within yourself and in your environment. I guide you towards making your embers glow wonderfully, both privately and professionally.
The result: A beautiful, warm, energetic fire within yourself!


I help you to connect more consciously with yourself and with your environment.
Towards self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-development.

I guide leaders and employees to communicate more consciously, purposefully and connectively. I also provide tools to avoid and resolve escalated conflicts. This way your organization becomes more communicative and conflict-savvy.

Hagelandstraat 60
3545 Loksbergen (Halen)

+32 495 82 01 31

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Rosalien's positivity radiates and I found her deep insight into people without judging and painfully digging into the downsides and pitfalls of your existence to be an enrichment during the search for a new workplace and life balance. Highly recommended for anyone who needs an open conversation.

(Translated from Dutch)

Rosalien helped me enormously in finding myself. In different areas! I have learned to expose myself and dare to think about things from the past, but also about the future and the present. I feel more confident, I'm looking forward to the future (but also to the here and now) and I know my pitfalls. I already notice that I look at things differently, live more consciously, indicate my boundaries better...

(Translated from Dutch)

Rosalien is more than a career coach. She creates a safe space to discover my talents, interests,.... I recommend everyone to go to her if you are confused about questions such as "what do I like to do?", "what am I good at?", ... After a few sessions I already feel that I am closer to myself! (Translated from Dutch)

Rosalien managed to immediately create a safe and confidential framework that allowed me to be very open. I also thought it was very important that the career coach had insight into the ins and outs of the ICT sector. She has repeatedly demonstrated that she has knowledge of this, which made me feel better understood.

(Translated from Dutch)

Rosalien is a warm and empathetic person who really makes you feel at ease. She brings you insights that really help you further and helps you understand yourself and your pitfalls better. She lets you be who you are and focuses mainly on the positive and on your qualities.

(Translated from Dutch)

Rosalien is a woman who listens to you and gives you real tools to get started. She untangles knots that are not visible at first glance. She asks questions and goes into the essence. You immediately feel at ease with her.

(Translated from Dutch)

With each visit I started to think more about myself and reflect [...] I learned more about myself each time. Who am I? What do I want to do next? Those were the questions I had after my burnout. Thanks to the career guidance and Rosalien as a perfect coach, I have been pushed in the right direction, with the right thread that I now hope to continue to follow. I am truly grateful. Hats off to Rosalien!

(Translated from Dutch)

There was something that attracted me even before I met her. Was it the website, was it reviews? I followed my gut feeling and found! [...] Rosalien provides witty conviviality.
Laughs and listens, makes you think. Blows a breeze over gently smoldering ideas and ignites interesting fires. 

(Translated from Dutch)

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