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Does your organization ever fall prey to the current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) circumstances in which it operates? Are you unsure of which direction to take as a company, when faced with difficult waters? Do you want to learn to surf on the waves of chaos and ambiguity? Do you want to keep or stimulate agility within your organization? Do you feel that your corporate communication is not having the impact you desire?


I help leaders, teams and organizations to communicate clearly and purposefully in any circumstance, through setting up individual coaching programs and tailor-made group workshops.

While many communication training courses and communication coaches offer many useful tools, I go deeper and further. After all, there is no 'one size fits all' communication style. I strive for more 'conscious' communication with coachees and participants in their specific contexts. This way we can zoom in on thinking patterns, beliefs, values and norms,  and how these strongly influence communication. I also provide you with tools that help you deal adequately with your own thinking patterns, your own communication style, and that of others.


By communicating more consciously, you can integrate the acquired knowledge and tools in a much more sustainable fashion.


A selection of possible topics that could be accentuated throughout coaching sessions or workshops:


  • Impactful communication: achieving what is important to you through verbal and non-verbal connection with others.

  • Dealing with resistance to change.

  • Discover, recognize and tackle your own obstacles, preferences and ways of communication.

  • Genuine active listening (including creating presence, safety and trust) and being aware of the own traits that may disrupt this.

  • Learn to ask the right questions to avoid misinterpretation.

  • Exposing the undercurrent in communication, both in yourself and in others.

  • Providing clarity to underlying interests.

  • Becoming aware that the other person(s) and their perceptions are different and adjusting your communication accordingly.

  • Thinking in terms of opportunities instead of problems.

  • Learning to provide qualitative feedback, ensuring that it is heard by the other person, and that this can lead to the desired changes.

  • Learning to receive feedback.

  • Encourage proactivity and action.

  • Communicate authentically as a leader, with integrity, based on your personality, your values, your inner compass.

  • Sharpen conflict management and conflict skills .



"Good communication is not merely about content.

Good communication is about the ability to get through."


Individual coaching programs, in-company group coaching and a combination of both are possible. Are you still in doubt? No problem!


I start with a needs analysis to get to know you/your organization and at the same time capture your needs and wishes. Based on this, I develop a tailor-made program proposal. In this way I optimally link the individual and/or group coaching to your professional context and to recognizable, realistic situations. For example: group dynamics, leadership, change processes, performance management, competency development, external workforce management, ...

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